Under the guidance of RPA College, RPA Sports Advisors provides an innovative platform for athletes, coaches and their journey. First of its kind, where RPA offers a revenue share model with its ambassadors and coaches. Along with business and life coaching to those deserving athletes! 

Athletes are influencers and brand builders. This unique program assists them with their development, not only in sport but out of sport as well. 


Students Athletes and their families every year are facing some of the same burdens. One thing we at RPA College have set out to do is to create a new playing field. We do not plan to even it, we want our athletes to create their own playing field. Meaning, their future goals and dreams are there and not many get recognized due to uncontrollable circumstances. 

Some of the issues can be aided if they had the financial resources. Do not think your contribution is too small. We are teaching them about networking, speaking, showing return on investments and reminding them that there are people out there who desire to see them WIN! This is your chance to invest in the future, the future of your community. 

Here's where your assistance will assist.


Student, Coaches and Student-Athlete Expenses

  • Training

  • College visit tours

  • Nutrition

  • Recovery

  • Tuition

  • Room & Board

  • Mission Trips

  • Travel

  • Gear/Clothing

  • Marketing

  • Business Endeavors

  • Minimizing Family Burdens

  • Meals/Daily Living

  • Personal Development/Life Coaching

The typical options they are considering:

  • Scholarships

  • Financial Aid

  • Loans

  • 401k

  • 529 plan

  • Savings

  • Declining Opportunity 

  • Cash on Hand

This is how we begin to Equip the Under Prepared and the Under Valued.


Each Division Level represent the level of fan support, not the level of college the athletes are competing on.

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