Dajuan: signed with the inaugural team in 2017. He came from a Division 2 program. After spending the season with RPA, he realized where he belonged. Here’s what he had to say:

“ Aye coach (Calhoun) I was calling to say thank you, you a real one in my eyes. You hit up everyone up that I asked you to hit, but I’m going to Angelo State, that’s where they need me at. I feel like I proved that I’m a elite safety I feel like...so that D1 can kiss my @$$ lol but I appreciate everything for real though. I don’t think I ever wanted to go D1, I think I just wanted to prove I’m D1 if that makes sense. I’ll rather go be an All American at Angelo.”
Dusty: attended Louisiana College after RPA. Decided to enroll into the US Military. At the end, Dusty will be able to say he gave it a real shot and it just did not "Fit" him. 
Eryon: Attended Louisiana College after RPA as well. He is now a small business owner as well as the Director of Marketing and Media for RPA. 
Myles: a backup in high school, signed with RPA and began getting experience. He will be headed to Hiram College in Ohio. Myles learned he was a better defensive player than offense and for this reason he will get playing time.
Elijah: the brother of founder Reggie Calhoun, will be attending Southern Nazarene University. After a couple injuries, Elijah was trained and coached from Rezolution and has still received a scholarship offer at a university that fits his style of play. He has trained with Rezolution for over 10 years.
Eriq: from freshman team, to jv, to varsity. He’s now headed to Hardin Simmons University. He has gotten better each year that he has trained with Rezolution. Looking forward to his success.
Jalen: former receiver, came to RPA raw in talent. Switched positions and got offered to play at Adams State University as a defensive back. Here's what he had to say: "ayy coach (Calhoun), I just wanna thank you for giving me a second chance at this football stuff and believing I could play when nobody else did, that's real coach. Even though sometimes I know I prolly was one of the worst to deal with on the team, thank you for staying on me and pushing me to be a man. I learned a lot from you as a person and athlete I appreciate that a lot coach 100!
Jacob: signed with RPA, was taken to a camp and given a chance at exposure. He now plays for Abilene Christian University. All it took was for him to get the exposure. Who knows where he’d be had Calhoun not taken him to the camp.
Ike: a unique situation, didn’t play his senior year of high school, he was academically sound and got accepted into Texas Tech. Now he’s competing for the walk on spot, and training with RPA on his off times. He also follows the program put together by RPA/Rezolution
Pierce: conducted inury rehab with RPA during his senior year (HS). He is headed to Southwest Baptist University in 2018.
Couple players impacted by RPA, have taken their talents and skills to the  Colleges in the likes of Arkansas Baptist, Cisco College, Central Methodist University, Trinity Valley, Southwest Community College.